Revenue Enhancement

Revenue Enhancement

Timely receipt of revenues have never been more critical for cities and municipalities than they are right now. Charged with providing more services with less resources, revenue collection is a challenge as so many towns and cities are understaffed for the ever-growing and continuously changing population. DataMax specializes in helping municipalities capture lost revenues and enroll payors so they continue paying their fees moving forward. Our services have been specially designed to meet the needs of our municipal clients by supplementing their staff so we are reducing their workload while increasing revenues.

Capturing Lost Revenues

Often companies come in to town, conduct business and leave without paying a business license on the revenue generated. These revenues are not captured, which means the municipality is losing money every day. The DataMax team are experts in capturing lost revenues. Our process begins with researching and identifying those businesses who are not currently paying business licenses. DataMax will contact those businesses and work with them to submit an application and pay applicable fees due, including any late penalties. In addition to capturing these revenues, the city now has the businesses in their system, and will be able to collect in subsequent years.

Additional Revenue Enhancement Services

In addition to discovering business licenses, DataMax can assist cities and towns with additional tax and city services collections.

  • Hospitality & Accommodations Tax audits, and waste, recycling, telecom, electric, water, sewer, natural gas audits
  • EMS collections
  • Any and all types of municipality collections: water, sewer, gas, power, abandoned property, library fines, parking tickets, property taxes etc.

No-obligation Consultation

Each municipality has business license fees that can be captured. In addition, there may be additional revenue opportunities available specific to your area. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific township, and invite you to request a no-obligation consultation with our Revenue Enhancement specialists.