Revenue Enhancement FAQ

Revenue Enhancement FAQ

Increasing your municipality's revenues has never been easier than working with DātaMax Corporation! With more than 129 years in business - more than any of our competitors combined - we have collected more than 1.5 BILLION dollars for our clients.

Please check out some of our frequently asked questions below. Have more questions? Just give us a call!

Revenue Enhancement Services FAQ

Onboarding a new client takes two to four weeks. Documentation is exchanged during the onboarding and then, monthly reporting thereafter.

We would be happy to provide you with a sample of revenues achieved for our current clients, and can choose one that is similar in size to your municipality. Of course, any dollar above what you are currently collecting is revenue you would not otherwise have recovered, so you are increasing revenues from our very first collection.

DataMax assists taxing jurisdictions with the preliminary work of identifying businesses that may owe license fees and taxes, and communicates with the business to determine whether such taxes are owed.