About DātaMax Corporation

About DātaMax Corporation

DātaMax Corporation’s extensive history dates back to 1889 as the Winston-Salem Retail Merchants Association. We are rooted in providing high-quality, service-oriented support to a broad range of clients. Industries we serve include healthcare, utilities, municipalities, and housing rental organizations. Our business processing outsource (BPO) solutions cover a full spectrum of accounts receivable management projects and back-office information processing.

Mission: DātaMax Corporation will be a leader in providing innovative accounts receivable solutions for the prosperity of our customers, employees, corporations, and communities.

Our Vision:

  • Return money to our clients
  • Make money to keep our organization strong

The following objectives support the fulfillment of our mission:

  • Maximize liquidity
  • 'Quality first' approach
  • Respect, integrity, and accountability
  • Improved Services: We identify and fix our weaknesses, while reinforcing our strengths. Quality work produces remarkable results.
  • Education: We provide daily education opportunities for our employees, clients, and the general public.
  • Ethical and Professional Standards: We comply with the highest regulatory and client requirements. Honesty and integrity are paramount.
  • Client Satisfaction: We identify our client’s needs, set clear targets and measure our achievements against these expectations.
  • Motivated Employees: We recognize all employees contribute to the success of the company and measure their motivation through decreased turnover.
  • We value our customers, employees and community.